Sunday, December 28, 2008

My School Christmas Party

I had a school Christmas party a few days ago.  And we needed to make presents for someone else.  I made one for one of my friends, Abby.  My sister made one for Hannah, my other friend.  Hannah made one for me.  It was a handkerchief embroidered with an "M" and a little flower.  And this is what I made for Abby.  I made a coupon book with some American money since I didn't know where any of my African money was and I had a stuffed animal, too, for her.  

Here's what we did at the party.  We exchanged gifts for each other and we played a few games.  And here's one of the games we played.  We did a snowball fight with snowballs made of cotton balls stuffed into pantyhose.  It was boys against girls.  And of course there were four boys and four girls.  So it was even.  And that's the end.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Pool at La Palm

The pool at La Palm is a fun place. I got to get a soda in the pool. The pool had two bridges and a place to get a soda. It’s a huge pool. We made friends. It was so fun.

The People in Africa...

When I arrived in Africa, I noticed that the people were all different from us. One thing that I noticed was that women who had babies carried their babies a different way. They put their babies in a cloth and then put their babies on their back and then tied the cloth very tight so that their babies would not fall off. Everywhere the mothers went their babies went with them on their mother’s back.

Another thing I noticed about Africa was that their food was not cooked the same way. They didn’t use the kind of ovens that we use, they make their ovens out of metal and then put a little fire under it so that they can make their food hot. One day I went to the village of Lassa Tchou and the food that I ate there was spicy food. Most of the food in Memphis isn’t so spicy like the kind of food that they eat here in Africa.

The people in Africa are much nicer than the people in America. They use good manners and they try to make their guests very comfortable. Even children use good manners because I see the children wanting to play with me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


On safari I saw 50 elephants.  I saw cob, bush buck, and of course elephants.  It was really fun.  I felt like I was really cool during the night because our room had air conditioning.  I was scared a little bit because the elephants were trying to chase us.  I felt kind of different, I got a cocktail.  After we left Penjari we went to the waterfall.  I had a lot of fun.  Do you know why?  Because the waterfall.  You can't go to waterfalls in Memphis can you?  I also got to swim in the waterfall.  The end.  I saw two of the "Big Five" game, cape buffalo and elephants (both pictured.)  The elephants are black on the bottom because they had just gotten out of the river.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandmommy!

Today is my Grandmommy's birthday. My Grandmommy is very nice, and
she gets us a lot of things. She is so nice that I don't know what to
get her for her birthday. She buys us our favorite kinds of cereal
and she lets us sleep with her. We usually have to take turns since
we fight over who gets to sleep with her, but I go first since I am
the youngest in my family. When I sleep with her we talk and then I
pretend I am a bunny and we snuggle up in bed and pretend it's our
little bunny burrow! I am looking forward to seeing her this summer,
I can't wait because we will have so much fun. We go swimming and we
jump on the trampoline. When it rains I like to play in the rain on
the trampoline. I love her!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My School in Africa...

My school is called Kara Christian Academy. It sounds like a college name to me. My teacher is my mommy. I have lunch time one hour after snack time. Isn’t that crazy? It sounds crazy doesn’t it? It has to sound crazy. For snack I have cookies, Cheetos (when our homegroup sends them to us,) or peanuts. There are four kids in my class, including me. Three of them are boys and I am a girl. In the mornings we do a bunch of Math, which I don’t like.

My favorite part of the day is French class, when I sit with someone two ages older than me. Her name is Abby. I just had a sleepover with her last night and she makes French a lot more fun. We decorate the date in French and then decorate the sides. I made up two things, we could do cookies on the side with a cookie date or clouds on the side with a cloud date. We also get to sing fun French songs. I know what butterfly is in French, it’s papillon. We have a fun day at school. Well, at least I do.