Saturday, March 22, 2008

My School in Africa...

My school is called Kara Christian Academy. It sounds like a college name to me. My teacher is my mommy. I have lunch time one hour after snack time. Isn’t that crazy? It sounds crazy doesn’t it? It has to sound crazy. For snack I have cookies, Cheetos (when our homegroup sends them to us,) or peanuts. There are four kids in my class, including me. Three of them are boys and I am a girl. In the mornings we do a bunch of Math, which I don’t like.

My favorite part of the day is French class, when I sit with someone two ages older than me. Her name is Abby. I just had a sleepover with her last night and she makes French a lot more fun. We decorate the date in French and then decorate the sides. I made up two things, we could do cookies on the side with a cookie date or clouds on the side with a cloud date. We also get to sing fun French songs. I know what butterfly is in French, it’s papillon. We have a fun day at school. Well, at least I do.