Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Enjoy this assignment! I think you might see it as funny! If I had 1,0000 dollars,I would give half of it to the poor and thenI would buy an American Girl store and get all the new stuff.(I would ask them to keep shipping) Then my first priority would be to give money to support the T.V. show, Extreame Home Makeover because they do things that are really good. Then if I had any money left I buy the American Girl store, and would donate 3,000,000,000 dolls to little girls who have cancer!
hello! sorry that i haven'n written in a while! I decided to be little red riding hood for Halloween! Now i'm excited about my birthday on the 22nd! Otherwise it's pretty uneventful!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

well there you go all about sudeley castle, wellalmost all about it! enjoy!
Although it’s far out in the english countryside Sudeley Castle is a great place for children Sudeley Castle has many astonishing features. Such as a playground in the style of a Norman castle, gorgeous dresses from Henry VIII’s time, and rooms that tell stories. The playground was in a field not too far away from the castle and the garden. The castle had a drawbridge that opened up to a little grassy area called a bailey with little corridors to walk through. Then at the top was a little wooden area that you either had to go around and climb up or go up high by climbing rope bridges and other obstacles. At the very back there was a zip-line that you could sit on and swing through the air on. One of the things I enjoyed at Sudeley Castle was the dresses. When you come in there is a little wooden balcony with stairs leading down to the dresses and medieval relics. Some belonged to Kathrine Parr, and more of King Henry VIII’s wives. Some of them were funny looking with poofy collars and others had beautiful swirly designs. I wanted to try them on and play like I was a princess they were so pretty. Then we went down the hall into two connected rooms. The first one showed a village scene with people cheering for ol’ King Henry as he rode through on a beautiful horse.The scene was made out of painted cardboard.The lights and the speakers really emphasized the story when the lights shone on different parts of the story as the speaker told about the part the light was shining on. As you come into the next room the lights dim and the speakers come to life telling how Henry charmed princesses into marrying him.This scene was out in a garden.The scene had roses all around cardboard Henry and the princess at night. As you can see Sudeley Castle is fun for all ages, and it’s great if you like learning about history in a fun way!
Wow when was the last time i wrote on my blog... well i'll have to try to be better about it. i mean i'm still hoping that people still read it! then again the last time i wrote on it was years ago! well i supose i should tell about my life now... i'm still living in africa and it is now 2012! it's october and now i've been to England!!!!!(more on that later) i've gotten lotts of new friends as well as the old friends! my next post will be an essay about England! but school is now in a three room building in the corner of the yard. our old friends have moved away and others have joined our team. we just came bak from the U.S.A in febuary and halloween is coming up again! i'm differing between cinderella and a frenchie for halloween...i would love som advice! anyways try to spread the word that i'm blogging again! and i'll try to write every wednesday! P.S sorry to say this but don't get your hopes up. :(

Monday, May 3, 2010

Thursday, December 17, 2009

it's almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas! can you belive it! We'v put up our Christmas tree! And there's presents under it! Soon it'll be Christmas break. School is out on Saturday, and we 're having a school party. There's going to be a snowball fight, and there's going to be games and food. The date, I need the date. Well, the date is December 17th. It's so exciting. WEll that's the end of my post.