Sunday, December 28, 2008

My School Christmas Party

I had a school Christmas party a few days ago.  And we needed to make presents for someone else.  I made one for one of my friends, Abby.  My sister made one for Hannah, my other friend.  Hannah made one for me.  It was a handkerchief embroidered with an "M" and a little flower.  And this is what I made for Abby.  I made a coupon book with some American money since I didn't know where any of my African money was and I had a stuffed animal, too, for her.  

Here's what we did at the party.  We exchanged gifts for each other and we played a few games.  And here's one of the games we played.  We did a snowball fight with snowballs made of cotton balls stuffed into pantyhose.  It was boys against girls.  And of course there were four boys and four girls.  So it was even.  And that's the end.