Thursday, December 17, 2009

it's almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas! can you belive it! We'v put up our Christmas tree! And there's presents under it! Soon it'll be Christmas break. School is out on Saturday, and we 're having a school party. There's going to be a snowball fight, and there's going to be games and food. The date, I need the date. Well, the date is December 17th. It's so exciting. WEll that's the end of my post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michal. this is actually Elijah. I like the title of your blog "eating chocolate" but my mom said it was "chasing chickens" at first. I have a new blog. it is called "african times" the address is this is Elijah signing off

Joseph Chase WorshipLeading said...

Have a wonderful Christmas. Me and Mrs. Cheryl miss you and Maddie and your Parents very much.

What should I get for Christmas? I am thinking about a couple of skunks and a clothes pin.

Tell your sister and parents we said hi.
Joe Chase