Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wow when was the last time i wrote on my blog... well i'll have to try to be better about it. i mean i'm still hoping that people still read it! then again the last time i wrote on it was years ago! well i supose i should tell about my life now... i'm still living in africa and it is now 2012! it's october and now i've been to England!!!!!(more on that later) i've gotten lotts of new friends as well as the old friends! my next post will be an essay about England! but school is now in a three room building in the corner of the yard. our old friends have moved away and others have joined our team. we just came bak from the U.S.A in febuary and halloween is coming up again! i'm differing between cinderella and a frenchie for halloween...i would love som advice! anyways try to spread the word that i'm blogging again! and i'll try to write every wednesday! P.S sorry to say this but don't get your hopes up. :(

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